10 websites to download music for free and without infringing copyright

When you join online money making forms like YouTube Partner or Affiliate Marketing or any form of sales related to uploading video content to Youtube, finding songs is free and legal, not getting copyrighted for online videos is not an easy thing. When you upload videos, you can’t tell if the song you choose is copyrighted until YouTube takes it down. As an online video creator, you want to have the perfect tunes to increase the appeal of your product, but still make sure not to pirate the sound. And to make it more convenient for video projects that use music, in this article I will introduce you to a list of 10 websites to download music for free and without piracy.

  1. Incompetech: Incompetech is one of the great free music download websites. The site was created by composer Kevin MacLeod with a huge music store, categorized by theme and emotion.
  2. DanoSongs: Dan-O is a composer who makes his original songs available for free download at You can use his music in your project as long as you include a link to his website or mention him in the intro in the video.
  3. Moby Gratis: If you want to use the music of a famous artist without paying a license fee then look to Moby Gratis. At this free music download site, Moby also makes his songs available for everyone to download as long as the video, or movie, is non-commercial and non-profit.
  4. Free Soundtrack Music: Free Soundtrack Music meets exactly what is legal to use for promotional content in movies, Youtube videos, games and other multimedia products. Some songs may be charged, but many are labeled “free” and are easy to download and add to your video production.
  5. ccMixter: ccMixter is a community music site where you can find “tons” of music genres, licensed under Creative Commons. The website allows you to listen to music, listen to samples, create mashups and much more. Just be aware some Creative Commons licenses may require placing the source in the intro of the videos.
  6. Partners In Rhyme: Partners In Rhyme has all kinds of materials, from free music downloads and sound effects, to files for communication between computers and music synthesizers. Some types of free music are copyrighted for a fee, but they have a wide selection of Free Music Loops to download.
  7. PacDV: PacDV is a website to download free music and sound effects. The songs are free to use in videos, movies, audio and multimedia projects. All they ask is to link to the PacDV website or list them in the introduction.
  8. Public Domain 4U: When content falls into the public domain it means that there aren’t any intellectual property rights attached to them as the rights may have expired or been lost. Public Domain 4U is a great site to find and download public music. Songs from older decades (eg songs from 1900 become public if copyright is never redone), but also modern music that is free with the artist’s permission.
  9. Musopen: Musopen is a free music download website similar to Public Domain 4U, providing music with expired copyright. In the introduction, they say: “We provide free recordings, sheet music, and textbooks to the community, with no copyright restrictions.” At Musopen, you can browse music by composer, performer, instrument, stage or single. Musopen is great, especially if you’re looking for classical music for your videos.
  10. Beatpickwebsite: Beatpick offers a great selection of licensed music, and if you’re using it in a non-commercial or non-profit production it’s free. Once you have selected the song you want to use, click “License” and select “Non Commercial projects”.

Above are the top 10 free music download websites that I have introduced to help you get the right music to put in the video without worrying about the problem of audio piracy. Thank you for reading the entire article, if this article was useful to you, please comment below!

Source: Khoi Nguyen

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