Youtube copyright – All things you should know

Although facing very stiff competition from Facebook Watch and do not know if in the near future Facebook Watch can surpass Youtube to become the largest video channel in the world today or not? But at this point, that position is still for Youtube. Therefore, there are many video publishers or individuals who upload videos to Youtube for many different purposes such as sharing value, making money online or using YouTube as a channel to promote products to earn money. money with affiliate… But most of the newbies are quite vague and don’t understand clearly about YouTube content and CC & copyright.

And right now, I will present in detail so that you can better understand the content and CC & YouTube copyright based on the article shared on the ACUONGCLUB group before.

Video content must contain all content created by yourself, images, self-taken or self-designed characters or content, videos in the publishing domain, free content like in wikis, images provided by google are free (there may be some images that the uploader writes with a free license but the copyright owner does not know, for example, a character taken in a cartoon), free music from youtube or in pub domain, the music you make yourself create. then you make your own video and make it yourself video.

The channel contains CC license – attribution license

On some websites there is information saying that the content is free, but when you want to use it for any purpose, it must be accompanied by a condition that when you use that content to make money or sell you must mention that image, that video, that character… is created by that author by placing a link to their main website in the video description. (or must add that the content is taken from that author’s website if you print the book). Without attribution, your channel may die if copyrighted by the author and may be sued if the book is printed. This part must refer to a large channel like NCS, its music is mostly credited to the author, but at some point the author of the song does not give CC anymore, it will get the copyright back.

For example, it goes to the music net, then the net turns on the CID and scans your video, you will get 3rd content.

Content sales channel
Honestly, the content sales channel is also good, but when it dies, I don’t know. The channel selling content is like the way you make videos about games, you play games and then return to those characters that are not created by you (this is very lucky) but big channels like pewdiepie, TXT, Money Zomie … still live loudly. . Unfortunately that game is sold to another owner and that person doesn’t let you use that content as a video to make money, your channel may die.

Again, it’s about fair use of content. For example, you can write content in English or Vietnamese to make the video true to the meaning of fair use or use of other people’s videos + with other people’s content + with US voice ivona and make a video. Fair use has so many factors that it can be difficult for a long-timer to distinguish. According to Vietnam, we think reasonable use is to just take a little, a small piece of video and then merge them into longer videos of about 10 minutes, such as funny topics, top 10 … and on a good day your channel will leave because of YouTube copyright infringement.

In short, fair use of content includes many components. And here are a few factors that you need to keep in mind:
First: You use content that does not affect the author’s revenue, does not compete on the topic. This is a bit confusing, I will explain through the following example:

For example: the author of the video it earns 10$/day on that 4-minute video, you take that video and cut it into pieces and combine a 30-second segment and you name it the same, your views are many and you can surpass it in terms of topic. that topic and the author’s money earned during the day will be affected

Second: You may not take the main content in the author’s video to make your video. (for example, the author’s content belongs to that author, if you take or copy it, you’ve done it wrong, it also counts as a violation. Youtube copyright infringement)
Third: You can comment, critique, research, teach, or report on news that could be considered fair use (generally yes, but these fair uses are very vulnerable). license)
Fourth: Fair use is that you can only extract a small part of other people’s content to make your video (but still may be subject to copyright).

Above are the shares about the content and CC & copyright Youtube that I edited from a contribution on ACUONGCLUB. I hope that the information I have given can be of help to you. And one piece of advice for you when participating in making money with Youtube or even with affiliates is not to copy anyone’s but create quality content. YouTube is also a good choice for those of you who want to start a business from the Internet, equip yourself with the baggage to come to the knowledge about Youtube that I will share with you in the next sections.

Source: Son Truong

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