How to use videos, audio, images to avoid YouTube copyright infringement

If you have ever uploaded videos to Youtube to make money online or for any other purpose, then surely you have encountered problems of copyright infringement on videos, audio, images and been penalized by Youtube and remove video. To limit this, hereafter I will introduce you to the types of copyright you may encounter and how to use video, audio, and images to avoid YouTube copyright infringement. Let’s go!

I.Types of Copyrights
1. Public Domain: That is music, video works after 50-70 years when the author dies will no longer have copyright, this property belongs to humanity. (But you notice: musical works like Beethoven, Mozart … these authors died a long time ago, but now uploading is still subject to copyright because the author who plays that piece of music has the right to keep the license, so still subject to copyright infringement)

2. Creative Comment: In the Creative Comment (CC) license, there are many sub-licenses (Meaning: the copyright holder of a work allows the community to use their work to some extent. not completely)
CC0 (Creative Commons Zero): The right to use the work without notifying the author
CC By :Attribution License (Meaning you can use the intellectual copyright of a certain author and have the right to edit it for commercial purposes, but must cite the source and license of the original work)

3. Fair Use: For example, when we read a work that feels good, we quote it again. Or if you see a lecture by a certain author that has some good parts, you can take it back…. But you should pay attention to keep it short and not greedy to illustrate, not to copy the original text. them.
Note: You have the right to quote, but if you quote a certain part of the best, make money from a certain work, the author can still sue you. You quote again, although you quote very little, but you quote the most delicious, most attractive, most climactic, most profitable part of the work.

II.How to use video, audio, images to avoid copyright infringement Youtube
1. How to use heavy copyright music:

There are 2 quality music sites where we can get licensed music for commercial use:
Page is a site that sells music for $10 to tens of dollars a song regardless of the length from a few seconds to 20 minutes. There are many different genres of music that we can use for videos.
How to get music from this site for FREE without a license: That is, you build a youtube channel and join a partner program to make money through Networks like Yeah 1, Full Screen, Freedom, Adrev…
Currently, to Join Network Yeah 1, Full Screen, Freedom, the conditions they require are very high to join and it takes a lot of time.
Network Adrev is an easy solution, the conditions are gentler than the other guys, but the % divided by this Network is the remaining 45% I enjoy. I have joined 2 channels to this network, but just to get music, I don’t care much about making money.
Note: When you download any song on this page, save it (track name, song link, license). Because when uploading a video to youtube containing music from audiomicro, youtube will get a copyright warning “Including 3rd party copyrighted content”
You file your appeal according to the structure: I bought the song ….. from
Its link is here….
Its license is here: (up to drive)
Could you please remove the copyright warning for me
Please do not send an appeal directly via youtube (because it takes a long time to remove the copyright) but visit scroll down to the bottom of the page with the Copyright section, please fill in all the information. Sample message and send after 1 day is ok.
The second music store is the page:
You join the Network: BBTV and METUB can also use and get the license.
Also you can buy music at audioblocks, audio jungle.

2. Use song variation under CC by . license
You can get some songs from the page: by searching any Keyword then select Track -> in the Filer section select To Listen To -> there are 2 items that we can get The music is in the To Modify Commercialy section (for commercial use but must be edited) and the To Use Commercialy section you can get.
Or you can also search by: Keyword + Mashup to find songs that are allowed to use
Here are some sites that share copyright-free videos, audios and images:

  1. (get music)
  2. (get the video for free: you don’t have to just download it)
  6. (get videos and photos)

There is also a list of free Creative Commons music download sites.
– Look carefully at which CC license to cite reasonable sources.
Some sites both share and sell music for free. Watch carefully to avoid wrong download.

In this article, I have introduced to you the types of YouTube copyrights and how to use videos, audio and images to avoid YouTube copyright infringement. Leave a comment below if you have any questions. And now try to apply it now. Good luck!

Source: Duong Ngoc Thu

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